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About Us

Keith & Morgan, Inc. is a site work company established in 1992. We have earned a reputation for quality performance completed in a timely manner. We have established ourselves as an ethical and honest contractor. Keith & Morgan, Inc. is committed to constructing every project, large or small, to the highest standards. Our mission is to deliver a profit that is to plan and specification, on or ahead of schedule.

Our past projects range from lOOk to 4 Million and are located from Tallahassee, Florida to Naples Florida. We have extensive experience in Residential Subdivisions, Public Schools, HUD Housing, DEP (SWFMD), Public Parks, Shopping Centers and Multi Family Housing, We are well versed in Davis Bacon projects and compliant with the Jessica Lunsford Act.

The General Contractors and Private Developers who have contracted with us for projects since our inception have continued to maintain their professional relationships with us. The satisfaction of our clients is our ultimate goal.

Keith & Morgan, Inc. has been a local industry leader in the timely completion of quality site preparation and underground utility projects since 1992. Our success is a result of our aggressive commitment to satisfying our clients’ needs while providing competitive pricing with quality service. Our staff is highly skilled in the requirements of our industry and demonstrates dependability our references will endorse. Mr. Morgan holds an Excavation and Underground Utilities License, Fireline Contractor V license, and is a registered land surveyor and mapper. Keith & Morgan, Inc. is sensitive to environmental concerns and always works with those issues in mind.

Dennis W. Morgan
Professional Surveyor and Mapper LS 6496
Underground Utilities and Excavation CUCO 057002
Underground Fireline Contractor V 3248270001198